Where In Madison Wisconsin Will Be The Crossfit Games??

guess i am going to have to wait and see. anyway, weekend was good. we had a plan fo go tubing on osceola lake, but we ended up getting the wrong time and the right time and had an hour delay so we didn’t get out until 11:30pm hahahaha! haha anyways(no, it wasn’t as fun as i’d like) i’m still planning my next trip for our senior trip!! ~wish me luck~ monday, january 22nd 2011 9:30pm (counting down the days till jonathon daniel day!!!)i hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.okay back to monday…so this week was pretty boring at work; we only meet with customers once a month on friday’s and monday’s and they don’t really come in yet…so no sales at all! there is nothing like sitting on your butt knowing you make less than minimum wage just because another department talked them into it!hopefully next week will be better though because its mon-thursday which means our boss will be gone til sat.. that’ll mean more money coming in.. doh!!what else is new……oh ya!my cousin is getting married next month. her wedding is going to take place wisconsin state fairgrounds in MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN!!!yes, she lives here now so yep they moved their whole fam here too….but aren

What Is A Good Time For Annie Crossfit?

Metabolic conditioning is all about improving your stamina, strength & speed. Annie Crossfit is designed to be especially adaptable so you can get the most out of your training sessions. This means that it’s really easy for you to fit in our classes around everything else in life. Our programmes are completely flexible so you could choose one time a week or three times a week, just pick the best fit for you. What Equipment Do I Need To Get Started? While we don’t use any machines at Annie Crossfit, we do recommend that you bring along some dumbbells if possible (although dumbbells aren’t strictly necessary). But other than that there are no equipment requirements! If at anytime during your workout it feels like exercise is becoming too intense for you then stop and take a break … whether it’s during the warm up or cool down phases – this beat lasts forever (see below) because bursts of high intensity fitness workouts should not be sustained over an extended period of time. If anything intense begins to scare off newbies then they simply try something else which may require less intense movements. The key word here is ‘calm’ – never feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard or taking it too seriously because these two things will severely hamper progress and leave people with feelings of guilt and self-doubt when working out! In fact choosing exercises that are appropriate for your level of trainability means even beginners can achieve fitness results from exercise without ever hitting

Dave Castro Announces Cut Schedule for Individual Athletes

where in madison wisconsin will be the crossfit games??


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