Where Can I Purchase Tickets To The 2017 Crossfit Regionals?

Tickets can be purchased online at crossfitgames.com/tickets and in the following days via zocdoc, ticketmaster or Varden Labs. To guarantee your spot you might want to get to know a bit about the experience by watching some clips from previous competitions on youtube.

What are the different categories?

Each event has different categories to ensure that participants have a challenging, exciting and varied competition experience each day at The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals will feature two men’s and two women’s events, totaling 10 qualifying competitions for 10 spots in the CrossFit Games® Open® division. There will be nine male & one female remaining after all qualifiers have been determined. One male and one female athlete from each qualifying event 15-18 years of age will move on to compete at The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games® 16-19 Years of Age Division – Men’s & Women’s Events 1st Place Qualifier 25 Points 2nd Place Qualifiers 20 Points 3rd Place Qualifier 15 Points 4th Place Qualifier 12 points 5th-8th Place Competitors 10 points 9th-11th Place Competitors 8 points 12th-14th Place Competitors 6 points 15 th – 18 th place 5 point 19 th – 24 th place 1 point

How To Get The Bumper Plates From The Crossfit Games?

The bumper plates are ONLY at the CrossFit Games. They are not sold in stores, nor can you order them online (yet). The only way to get your hands on them is to make sure you know someone who will be there that week or attend one of their seminars. You can follow these instructions if you know someone who is attending the events: Prior to the workout day, send an email to wpcf@crossfitgames.com with their name and contact info along with “pink bumper plate request” in the subject line. If they don’t have a partner who plans on entering, send an email requesting their information so he/she may enter bracket-style for this game — it’s better than having no car recovery equipment! 🙂 Trust us, we’ve done it too many times where we didn’t sign up for our family members! 🙁 Keep your fingers crossed that your friend won their heat!! The first three people picked will receive pink bumper plates along with gift certificates for classes at Rogue One CrossFit 🙂

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where can i purchase tickets to the 2017 crossfit regionals?


Not a member of CrossFit Games at Reebok CrossFit Games. The Reebok CrossFit Games app allows you to experience the excitement on and off the 9,000 meter course that is Fury [Innsbruck], Austria from close-ups of elite athletes training right onsite with GPS coordinates overlaid. Reebok – Home | Facebook We’ve got your ultimate goal for this year—the Reebok CrossFit Games! The best competitors go head-to-head in the most intense test of human resilience and fitness today — throwing handstand walks, handstand push ups and rope climbs and chopping through hip thrusters and wall balls for time. Watch them live in front of their fellow warriors or cheer them on from any place you choose! Get set to perform with intense workouts based around gymnastics… Read More