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What Is The Crossfit Level One Technically Called?

The Crossfit Level One is a course that teaches you everything you need to know about the basic movement and how to do it. From this point on your an elite athlete and can train at any level of intensity and complexity. The goal of the crossfit level one is to “Eliminate Barriers”, meaning that each student is embarking learning—and progressing through—the fundamentals of the most popular fitness regimen in existence. This system builds upon all elements of fitness, including strength, speed, endurance, power, coordination, agility & balance with purposeful movements for muscular stimulation. CrossFit workouts are light on equipment but heavy on passion! Anyone can pick up a barbell or dumbbells and start doing what they know is right by them! They may not be very strong or fast but guess what? You don’t need either one nor are they necessary when you are seeing growth month after month. Featured Video

5870m crossfire gpu clocks stuck

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i was trying to overclock my radeon 6870m with gpu-z and then i used that atiflash tool. now they are both stuck at the same GPU clock that it had before i started overclocking using those tools. Both cards still run fine, windows itself sees them as two separate 2d monitor devices and even my equipment monitor has no problem detecting them as separate graphic cards. they report correctly: AMD Radeon HD 6870M series (driver version: 11.2) and intel(r) celeron processor N3150 @ 2491MHz (temperature 0c 2266MHz). nothing shows on screen with either driver, although it can be seen later in device manager under “display adapters”. card is detected immediately under onboard display driver or nvidia driver (my case is nvidia hybrid), after booting system will hang there until cold boot with neither one of them instaled;cannot see any video output on monitors connected to these two ports;this hardware does not make any kind of ‘stat’ like thing like other hardware would do.. but if i let windows autostart a program and open task manager it sees all the processors again.. so its probably just a software issue where memory access doesnt work correctly without drivers installed or somethingor could this be an old card? were the DVI connectors already expelled by dust/oxidation?its pretty frustrating cause these are actually very low-mid range cards for rendering 4k