When Your Girlfriend Lifts And You Do Crossfit?

Valentina: It’s not that I did it to impress her, but I did it because I did not want the guys around to see me lifting weights. So once I got into Crossfit, then she saw everything that was happening.

Alexander: This is what you do when you are not with your girlfriend? She didn’t know about this? Don’t tell me she knew nothing! How come she does not get jealous!! Now let’s get back to the topic here…. At first i thought “Okay okay okay Valentina! You are out of shape and your abs are definitely visible to everyone” But what else could explain why somebody would choose such a drastic measure in order for their partner not to see them working out and trying hard in the gym. There must be some deeper meaning in there… And so we examined this situation more closely… Because we still think an unbelievable story is hidden behind this one place crossfit picture. But what is it exactly? So we decided to ask Valentina these questions: Do you work at crossfit just days before the exhibition or during that month entirely? Wasn’t it too late by then?! Did something happen between both of you while he promised he won’t bring his girlfriend along despite sharing all workouts together, would would someone promise like that if they were dating for over two years and worked on Mondays and Sundays together even though they lived far away from each other (in different towns)? Hey Valentina , i

Crossfit Listen To Your Body When You Train In Competition Tell It To Shut Up?

You’ve heard the word amongst your peers, “We need to work on our weaknesses and we need to get stronger.” And you nod and agree with them one-hundred percent…until you talk about it one day with a friend, family member or even trainer who has experience in this area. For some reason many people take what they hear from their coaches at CrossFit workouts or seminars, and completely take that information into account when initially starting out in the sport of CrossFit. Don’t get me wrong I have seen a few cases where someone trains off the box by themselves in order to rest up for an upcoming class or competition so don’t feel bad if this is what you do in your everyday life, but again do it only for yourself because this puts unnecessary stress on your body in terms of mental fatigue during times when you should be having fun training…and practicing being healthy! So when doing things that aren’t prescribed by either Ryan or myself here at Metal Monkey Fitness there are always better options than just hanging out on your own doing random things around town to try and train yourself despite not being directed by an experienced coach like myself here at MMF. What can make a difference? There are always exceptions to every rule right? Well if the rules change then the rules change, but let’s start off with a basic example: When working out hard enough does it really matter whether we do 100 jumping jacks alone

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when your girlfriend lifts and you do crossfit?


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