When Will I Start Seeing Results From Crossfit?

CrossFit is a strenuous, dynamic and challenging workout. As such, you should expect to see results in 2-4 weeks of consistent CrossFit training (the more you train the better the results). The research we have done shows that most people who begin working out at CrossFit gyms can expect to see an improvement in at least 7 areas of their lives: Cardiovascular Endurance Muscular Strength Aerobic Capacity Bone Density Body Composition Sleep Quality and Necessary Nutrients Your focus at Backsquat is on your cardiovascular health. One study tracked 360 participants through 14 months of workouts following different programs including Zumba classes, American bootcamps or traditional lower-intensity cardio training such as walking. The researchers found big improvements in fitness with all three groups but there was no difference between whether participants had gone to a gym, worked out in their own home or taken up Zumba.


Every day when you join us at Backsquat our goal is for you not to think about how much exercise you are doing or how difficult it is….but rather how good it feels when you’re done!! And when that moment comes when your body needs another rep…you will know exactly what that feeling means every time! Click here to learn more about CrossFit Games

How Much Is A 6 Month Crossfit Membership?

The first month is going to be high, as it should be for training, but the other months will not. A typical beginner’s crossfit membership is going to cost anywhere from $40 – $50 a month. This does not include equipment fees and a personal trainer at some gyms. This also does not include whatever you have been paying for your fitness DVDs or indoor team sports. With this being said let’s look at how much one person can expect to pay on their monthly bill if they are working toward the common goal of becoming healthier and feeling better about themselves by doing so… A Typical Monthly Bill For CrossFit As Training Factored With Health Insurance And Activity Equipment Purchases:

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when will i start seeing results from crossfit?


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