When Does The New Crossfit Documentary Come Out?

was messing around and found this:http://www.kingslowhealthcoachinggroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/_Zgas_4th_Annual_Reebok-Fit-Clash-Fitfest-Special.jpg

jasonwestmas … I’ve been thinking about that lately, what constitutes a true Crossfit assessment?

In my opinion, an analysis of the functional movement patterns from a sport science point of view is probably needed here….assessing things like “how much force is required to lift a certain weight”, “how much ground reaction forces are involved in a given movement”, etc…

I believe this would be completely different from assessing how fast their 1rm gets up for example at WODs, or how many rounds they can do in 12 minutes or any other arbitrary scale that has nothing to do with actual performance in regards to fitness level at all.. I thought this was what earlier CF days were all about but judging by the trainig these days it seems total volume doesn’t matter because you’re still going up huge numbers over time…. They might have been better off if they just went by time rather than getting crushed under a ton of weight in each round… Seems alot harder on the body! LOL

This is not saying anything bad about people who compete in these comps though….I know there’s alot of good ol boys out there who really enjoy doing so and truly want to compete

How To Eat Healthy To Gain Muscle When Roing Crossfit?

It’s really difficult to just do one thing and put all your effort into it. If you can honestly commit to eating healthy most of the time, then you’ll most likely see some noticeable results quickly. I know that for myself, I eat junk food most of the time when I don’t have access to healthy food at my house. As soon as I hit the gym though, I’m stuck on strict clean eating so that meal replacements will no longer be an option. But there is something else that really helps me out when it comes to eating healthy enough so that muscle gain happens instead of fat gain: proper sleep. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t go around telling everyone how important sleep (and sleeping) is but it does help me reach my goals better than any other method out there. If you need more info about how proper sleep affects your life in general please check this article out here: Process Of Sleep & Your Life! They talk about what makes up a good night’s sleep (proper REM cycles) and what actually goes on during deep sleep which is very important for muscle building purposes. We will cover different types of foods below…do not skip anything because even if you are struggling with gaining weight or looking pasty pale due to poor health/unhealthy habits – trust me its worth working for! You probably won’t see gains instantly but they will come slowly but surely over time being consistent with good dieting habits!!!


when does the new crossfit documentary come out?


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