When Does The Crossfit Games Doc Come Out?

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Hopper Coombs hasn’t been the only addition to the cast this time around. Antoine Delvig, a former Rivals three-star recruit from Dupage (Ill.) High School, was a top signee for the Huskies in early 2011 and has spent two seasons as a backup defensive tackle. He posted 42 tackles and a team-high 4.5 sacks as a sophomore last season before going down with an ACL injury against Minnesota on Nov. 25 that required surgery during bowl week. He’s expected to be ready for spring drills after sitting out last season. Junior college transfer Bobby Coleman also signed with Purdue as part of the 2011 class and redshirted his first year on campus before sitting out all of 2012 following neck surgery during fall camp…

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” (?) I’m not sure. Nor do I know what the aim of the game is supposed to be. But anyway, here’s how it works: you stand in a circle, and everyone starts out with two flags—either blue if they’re feeling good or red if they’re feeling like shit. The person whose flag is closest to that other person’s at the end of ten minutes wins. My guess would be that someone put this game on for amputees, because there are arms flying all over the place as everyone struggles to their feet and runs around trying to avoid having their flags touch those of their neighbors. One thing about this one is clear: no one drinks coffee during these Olympic games; no juice allowed either; there are eighteen jugs at each station, but my guess is they won’t qualify as official tools of competition because their attachments aren’t fastened securely enough and thus they float around like napkins on a shipwrecked pirate ship. Or maybe they were made by prisoners who didn’t receive special treatment from prison officials; I don’t know; all we can assume for now is that such objects will most likely serve as nuisances rather than devices for strength-building lift exercises. Note: extreme situation under consideration notwithstanding, it does seem highly unlikely that any competitor has lost so much weight after having spent months learning how to use his prosthetic limb properly

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when does the crossfit games doc come out?


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