When Does Crossfit Regionals And Games Happen??

my workout today went great! now i have to wait until tomorrow to see how my lifts are. #GCDFamily #crossfit #GCDFamilydiary

USPS Update I have my packages at the post office so far, I hope they are safe. Almost seems like its taking forever for them to get delivered 🙁 ?????? As soon as I find out where they are, It will be updated here on USED 🙂 Thanks for reading! Enjoy your Friday everyone!! Start with a GREAT Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???? “We don’t care if you’re 5% or 10%. We care that you recover and become the best human being possible.” – CrossFit Journal pg 95 If you want more motivation like this one Ask MeAboutMyFitness 391 Share Video Tweet Share on Facebook HTML-code: Copy

Crossfit Injury Armpit Swollen After Workout How To Tell Blood Clot?

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when does crossfit regionals and games happen??


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