When Do They Announce The Crossfit Open Workouts?

2036 days ago Wow, I heard about the Crossfit Open that will be happening in July. How exciting! When do they announce the crossfit open workouts?


2036 days ago I would love to join, if it is close enough to me. That would mean doing at least one extra day of strength training per week :0) thanks for telling us all about it!!!!!! Can’t wait to find out how much weight you are all lifting lol!!!


2035 days ago loving this positive “step” towards fitness…it’s so important…been trying NOT to say anything negative because i have seen some really great things happen here lately..but congrats on your BIG accomplishment!!!!we’ll all be cheering you on…..don’t stop now….and take care of yourself……hugs & prayers xoxoxo nyce hugs ~lori~stuart florida (weather permitting, i’d love to meet up…)….^^^ ^^^^last time i said something like this was back when I had only lost 3 pounds (over 1 year ago)…this site has definitely made me more confident and taught me alot invaluable knowledge/techniques/instructions LOL………thanks again for making an awesome community :)……….everyone….take your first step today…….now GET OUT THERE AND PHYSICALLY GO FOR IT!!!ex

How Many Days To Rest Before A Crossfit Competition?

A typical WOD (workout of the day), will last between 30 to 60 minutes. You can easily find a “Rest” or “Pause” period in almost every workout. Typically, you’ll complete a warm-up and then the first round of the WOD, followed by a short rest period before doing another round. If you do more than one round at a time, you’ll only have a short rest before moving on to the next exercise. For example: 10 rounds of 5 different exercises, two minute break between each round means that there is less than 1 minute of rest each time! In most WODs, there are usually four different rounds per exercise so there’s only about 15 seconds between each move as well! Since we want to make sure we’re recovered from our daily routine – getting up early for Crossfit – going to bed at reasonable hours – and having good sleep – it definitely makes sense to actually take our breaks and not be spent after completing an intense workout session like this! To give your body enough recovery time before the next crossfit day/week/even month is crucial for both your performance and overall health.

‘G.I. Joe’ Shooting: Massive Multi-Agency, Martial Law Drill Underway in Fox Lake, Illinois

when do they announce the crossfit open workouts?


By Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.com In a dramatic turn of events, the City of Fox Lake Illinois has been locked down for years following reports from 4chan explaining a massive drill that was being conducted by the Army National Guard in conjunction with local law enforcement. According to an Army National Guard release: “The purpose of Fourth Phase training is to provide coordination and effective response during catastrophic incidents to include terrorist attacks. Participating agencies range from federal, state and local government agencies including emergency management; federal partner organizations; emergency medical support; tactical military support; state & local SWAT teams; hostage rescue; aviation; mass casualty care, trained search & rescue (SAR); K9 units among others. The training consists of scenario-based exercises using complex computer graphics simulating real world hazards like chemical weapons attacks on civilians, kidnappings, bio-terrorism explosives investigations and many more possibilities.” Military contractor provides some insight into what is actually happening in the city under siege: