When Are The Crossfit Games 2018 In Wisconsin?

The 2018 CrossFit Games are being held in Madison, Wisconsin. Anyone with a license to conduct professional sports competitions in his country may apply for an Affiliate Membership at the direction of the official governing body for that sport. If you’re not eligible to be admitted as a licensee, but would still like to attend these games, you can apply for the General Admission ticket instead. All attendees have free access to all daily sessions and events within Lindenwood University Soccer Stadium. Day-of registration will open on May 27th, 10am CT with entry costing $75 per day/$150 per weekend or $200 per family (upward). You must bring your own chair; seating is limited . Everyone is welcome at the Crossfit Games! A valid USAB membership certificate will be required identification for each individual, per entry (twice if competing as a team). **Participants must provide their own food and drink**


How many athletes qualify? The top 50 males and females overall worldwide score points based on performance throughout 2018 (Top 10 Males & Top 10 Females). For this event there are no regional qualifying standards. We make our picks based on what has worked best across the world over the last 12 months – think of it as ‘winning’ by committee . How many competitors do we offer? About 115 men and about 55 women Downforce officially opened its doors in January 2014 – with just under

What Do You Win For The Reebok Crossfit Games?

It’s not easy to build a team that will compete at the highest levels. Oftentimes, only the best athletes are able to do this. The Reebok CrossFit Games team is no different. They have to find athletes who are willing to work hard and put in the time necessary for success both individually and as a pack. This year, they were joined by 32 teams who came together with one hope – winning the whole thing! Even though many of them knew they probably wouldn’t make it, they still made their registration extremely competitive. Now that all other events have concluded, can you guess who won? I’ll give you another hint: it wasn’t X-Factor this year! If you’re right, keep reading below!

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when are the crossfit games 2018 in wisconsin?


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