When And Where Will The 2016 Crossfit Games Start?

Okay, so this year the CrossFit Games will start on Friday August 1st. The beginning of registration for the Games is always about one month before it starts. Check out CFSlides.com for more information about how to sign up. Registration opens November 1st, 2015, at 10 AM UCT . We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off summer than by finishing up warm-ups with an overdog workout! Anyone can join in (and you should!), but you do need to be 18 or older and complete several online pre-qualification fitness challenges (all free!). All that said, our 10 AM CrossFit games open will likely be closed at some point during game prep…but I wouldn’t worry too much about your training plans–we’ll make sure you can access any workouts or events that are closed to make space for athletes who want their own time in the spotlight!

What weeks does the 2016 Open Workout schedule take place? Any changes from 2015?

The schedule for week 3 of season 16 was released yesterday along with all 12,000+ affiliate locations across the world! Unfortunately there aren’t any exciting changes among week 3 offerings which were announced last October. You’ll notice that each event is listed as “Weekly” instead of “Open”. That’s because there are weekly increments within each event series whereby workouts must be completed between Saturdays and Mondays (i.e., say you fit

How To Get Better At Push Ups Crossfit?

If you’re looking to get better at push ups, there are a few things you can do. First, spend some time experimenting by varying your hand placement. A common problem with your push up form is most people start with their hands too far apart and this causes them to come down on the chest rather than stabilising themselves close to the floor. It also puts strain on the shoulders. When we place our hands further and further apart, we begin to experience problems like sore wrists and shoulders as well as balance issues because we’re no longer stabilising ourselves off the floor with our core muscles (abs). Another way of improving your push ups is by increasing the range of motion in your elbows beyond where they naturally go when landing with them on the ground. This is called shoulder flexion (or drawing in). While it will take some time for this technique to feel comfortable, this is an excellent stretch band exercise that really helps improve posture during pushups! Another thing you can try if you struggle so much with moving from 30 seconds rest between sets of burpees or mountain climbers, is staggered rest periods for your other muscle groups so that one doesn’t wear out before another does. By starting each round of these workouts cold, I would recommend taking five minutes breaks throughout each session despite how many rounds you have done but again stagger those breaks accordingly depending on what round number it happens to be since performing exercises within several days of one another could cause additional fatigue due to

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when and where will the 2016 crossfit games start?


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