When A Family Member Is Obsessed Witj Crossfit?

i think you’re talking about why i’d be at the gym, not the specific situation.

Sorry man. I can’t ask any more stupid questions. I read what I researched and thought it was very OCD-y but OCD people seem to have HARDER drive too research because they know how weird their obsession could make them look.

I’m sorry best friend, don’t take this the wrong way, but your love for crossfit isn’t exclusive to your family or friends’ houses or anything like that – especially after you made me go to one with my family, we all enjoyed it and saw a great workout 🙂 Sorry if that confused you 🙁

How Much I Would Pay For Crossfit Classes?

My love for CrossFit is something that still continues to grow, and my passion for helping others reach their fitness goals has only increased. My goal is to help you reach your strength, fitness, and health goals no matter what kind of schedule or life style you are living. And… you don’t have to pay me ANYTHING! That’s right! If you want online training at home with an amazing coach, I would be honored to teach you how to thrive in the gym at very low rates! It’s all up to YOU! Don’t let fear hold you back from getting fit & healthy today. Let me help guide & support your journey so they can be more successful than measureable!!

Cute Kids

when a family member is obsessed witj crossfit?


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