What You Need For A Home Crossfit Gym?

Let’s have a look at some of the top Crossfit equipment you can pick up at your local home depot, Costco or sports authority.

Auxiliary Presses

I weight about 230 pounds, so I went with the Spec 305-2 Progressive Hygenic Weight Set by Rogue Fitness. It has an easy setup to use after purchase which means that you dont have to do any work yourself. The only issue is that it does not come with carry handle bar for extra safety/protection when picking up the weight higher than your head. But this set seems great for 160-pound person like me!

Travel Chargers & Stands Additionals Bars Collars Knee Pads Belts & More Weight Plates Safety Gloves Olympic Valuables Machete / Hatchet Spikes Climbing Ropes 10Kg Wrist Wraps Negatives Legs Weights Ab Trainers Face Masks Dumbbell Bands Jump Rope Towels Fidlocks Torque Wrenches Speed Bands Pull Ups Hand Wraps Shoulder Straps Ankle Sleeves Additional Accessories – – – – – – – – – Solo Rings Bar Bell Buckles Captains Chair Calliper Clamps Curl Bar Finders Gloves Grippers Kettle Bells Lat Raises Mat 24kg Maxi Band Med Ball Metatarsal Pillows Power Wrap Resistance Band Steel Toe Squat Rack 5lbs 5Lbs Ab Wheel Accent Table Apron

How Many Athlete From The West Region Will Qualify For Regional Crossfit?

The Two-nd Qualifier from the Regional Crossfit Committee will get a spot in the West Region. Anything that is left over will head to the Northeast Region. Check here for regional links: Northeast | Southeast | Northwest What Crossfit Exercise?s Will Each Athlete Compete In To Win The Title Of “Florida’s” Regional Champion? Each athlete competing in each event of each workout will earn points towards their individual competition scorecard, totaling up to 200 points per athlete per workout. If two athletes have equal scores on both event cards, then one of them will be declared the winner based on the highest number of reps performed in each pull. If both athletes have equal amounts of reps then they will flip a coin (provided someone has gold coins) and one person gets it!

Mens Shoes

what you need for a home crossfit gym?


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