What We Want Our Box To Accomplish Crossfit As A Coach And Owner?

So, what is the FIT box? This is a juicy question that I’ve been trying to answer for a while now. While reading through the ideas that people have come up with about how fit boxes could be placed in neighborhoods, I was struck by how much each idea sounded like mine, but none sounded exactly like me. All seemed well-intentioned and useful, but there were few exact replicas of what we do here at The Lab.

I realized that given our mission statement as a community programming facility, it would actually be easier to build something from scratch than HOPE for an existing program model. And so began my quest! This process has been going on killing time until something else better comes along out there! So this will be a series that takes you through our ideas about building a fit box from start-to-finish. Hopefully, this blog post will serve as an inspiration tool to those who are interested in building their own “sweatbox”…NOW PEOPLE!!! We saved room for use as a gym as well as equipment storage 🙂

So let’s begin….

How To Watch 2016 Crossfit Games Individual Murph?

ESPN3 will be streaming the men’s and women’s individual Murph workouts, as well as entertaining programming between workouts. Coverage of the third day of competition begins at 6 am ET on Thursday, August 12th. You can get an ESPN3 trial for free or purchase a full month of access for only $4.99! If you are looking to stream the games live in your local area….here is how it works: These workouts take place under California state rules so there may be some restrictions on what you can do in your community. If you live outside CA…then here is where to watch online with no cable subscription required: Who will win? Don’t skip this one..we have 3 more days worth of action ahead!Live coverage at 6am ET on ESPN3.

Undergraduate open days

what we want our box to accomplish crossfit as a coach and owner?


, week 1 of July The first open day of the academic year will be held on Wednesday 27th June at 10:00 am. It is possible to attend the event for free, but it requires that you register before or during the open day by filling out this form and showing your ID card. The aim of the open day is to give prospective students a chance to speak with involved staff and students and meet key members of committees who will work with them both on their course and once they arrive at Hochschule Vienna. More specific information including what you need to bring along can be found here: http://www.hochschule-vienna.at/de/oeffentlichkeitsarbeit/events/. In addition, there are some photos from our past years‘ events which you can look through here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e7vb3fjl6mb0lrt/AABw0T4iHIaCJUOR98gQ5nEj?dl=0