What Type Of Belt Is Recommended For Crossfit?

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When we first started, we used a total of three straps. The goal being that one strap would give us enough resistance to save us from injuries and the other two would handle the heavy lifting. We have realized over time that it is way too much weight on that left hand side, especially when combined with the fact that our hands are not that big to start with. And as a result, I think we have probably used more than our fair share of belts over the years – for good reason! Our body is unique and unique needs unique solutions. If you want to try a crossfit specific belt there are many different options available – all designed with your functional movement in mind. And truth be told though, none of those will hold up as well as this one does:

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Cracking The Crossfit Open: How To Outperform Your Peers In Every Workout?

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Local man competes in CrossFit Games

what type of belt is recommended for crossfit?


Joshua Seelinger, 22, lives an hour away from CrossFit Hereford’s Main Campus at 751 W. Main St. in Belvidere. He is a carpenter by trade who got his start with the sport because of its aesthetic appeal. “I could look at the women performing high-intensity or high-speed movements and then I would see myself doing it, too,” Seelinger said determinedly as he showed off his handstand pushups during last weekend’s International Games competition in Carson City. “That was the first thing I fell in love with about Crossfit – seeing how other people can do things that you could never do on your own without weights or cardio machines. It was very appealing to me so I kept coming back here to try out plus physique coach Matt Tarasiewicz helped me get my numbers up to compete one day at The Open Series (an annual event held during the summer) three years ago when he saw me working out here regularly and told me that might be able to stand out better than weightlifting for this sport because of muscle endurance versus muscle strength gains that are seen there for this kind of competition.”