What To Say To A Crossfit Member Who Has Been With Us For 3 Years?

Over the years I’ve heard a ton of great tips from our members and occasionally a story or two to make me smile. Here are a few I thought you might enjoy.

It’s better to be good at something you love doing well, rather than being good at everything well. Work that is important to you will lead to more happiness in your life then work that can be done just “OK” but doesn’t bring out the best in you. 🙂 A friend once said this when working for an organization [I think he was talking about his job]. Generally when people say it this way it means they don’t feel productive in actuality but in their minds they have achieved things they internally know could have been done better if only it were executed correctly…or something along those lines….for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction This one has been brought up countless times by different people over the course of my training career. The saying basically means; For every time someone trains hard, rocks hard, gives 100% of what they possess during exercise there is an equal amount of pain on the other end during recovery (injuries). See? You get out what you put in! Start slow Build confidence Upwards progress Donahey also recommends drinking water throughout your workout; Do not eat after 6pm; Bulletproof your mind with positive affirmations; Drink plenty of water throughout your day (even if you don’t like drinking

How Do I Start My Own Crossfit Box??

How do I start my own CrossFit box? The first thing to know is that you are not alone. Many people have started their own box, with varying degrees of success, and different boxes have different levels of support. The best way to see what’s available in your area before actually investing an entire year into starting your own box is the Westside Box Application Tracking system. We have lots of information about locations, equipment requirements, programming ideas, help climbing through the ranks etcetera right here! CrossFitboxes.com has a list of CrossFit boxes around the world so be sure to check this one out for more info on exactly what it would take to start your own box!

The 15 Best Cross-Training Shoes for Women

what to say to a crossfit member who has been with us for 3 years?


A shoe is an important part of any workout plan. It can be hard to decide on the best shoes for women because we want something that isolates, emulates and works the muscles we need to hit. If you’re a runner looking for something with arch support and some stability, check out 5 Runner’s Shoes We Love and these Half and Half Running Shoes If you’re getting over a sore muscle from working out, your body might feel uncomfortable as it tries to heal itself. “Muscle soreness that’s too intense might keep you from working again until the pain goes away,” says Davis. You also risk developing blood clots or crumbling a bone if your muscles continue to hurt even after the soreness has faded. A dull ache is a far better signal that your body needs time rest rather than more physical activity. Aim for at least a couple hours between workouts when possible, recommends Davis—more if you’ve been harder on yourself or are pushing yourself past what remains of your normal comfort zone.”During my first session with Thierry I could tell he was genuinely excited about helping me get back into shape! He knows his stuff & really wants you to go further then just losing fat!” –NellyF received approval from insurance in relation to two medical procedures that includes my bother brothers liposuction on his kidneys therefore barely being able to walk for six weeks without experiencing debilitating nausea/vomiting due his medications they have him taking which have made him