What To Look For In A Crossfit Show?

Coming up with a name – the first decision we made was to come up with a name. We knew we wanted something catchy and short but it needed to be easily understood and give the viewer an idea of what they were going to see each week. CrossFit has its roots in Olympic weightlifting so we looked back at those names for inspiration – Strongman, Power Lifting & Olympic Weightlifting, just to mention a few. We all sat around thinking about how these things could apply to our show and that is when ‘PowerLift’ stuck out as something that related to both fitness and strongmen. Our aim is always to make our shows fun but also educational for all levels of training/athletes which along with ‘PowerLift’ gave us a working title: POWERLIFTING RADIO.

The process of finding the initial set of episodes – We spent a good month or two deciding who would appear on this new show as well as picking their pre-recorded training sessions from those that had been featured on previous shows. Once those recordings were selected we would then plan out who would be doing them as well as any obstacles, challenges or special guest appearances that may be thrown into the mix throughout the season – 16 weeks – 160 episodes – its going to take some planning! For anyone who wants us at their barbeque this summer or knows someone who does let them know they can help spread the word by sharing our social media posts, subscribing

How Many Masters Athletes Go To The Crossfit Games?

Every year the Crossfit Games are held in Madison Wisconsin. The qualifiers are held away from the main event, which is around 6 months out. Competitors come from all over the world to attend these qualifiers. Many people compete for fun, while others try to win a spot on Team USA. Approximately between 5k and 15k athletes will be at The Games each year. Who WON’T Be At The 2019 Crossfit Games? This question is tricky to answer without knowing who didn’t qualify yet, but I have my best guess based on what our forum users have written so far. If it sounds right or if I get more information then you can assume that this list is correct until proven otherwise! Continue reading →


what to look for in a crossfit show?


What is a sport that requires no special equipment, where you do not require any particular physical attributes to compete in? But most importantly, what is a sport with no geographical boundaries and no set rules? The answer to this question is CrossFit. Many of its trainees belong from different branches of the military serving their country during a time of war. With a disorder such as PTSD, the human body is failing when it comes to being healthy enough for normal workouts. This has triggered an interest in CrossFit by quite a few soldiers who have been diagnosed with numerous psychological disorders including anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD especially when it comes to working out. In many cases these people would either be placed on medications or better yet they will try going through therapy so they can have control over their nerves while working out at the gym. How Compete in CrossFit Gym in Orlando FL…If you are interested in learning more about how competitiveness in Crossfit training in Orlando FL can help you overcome your issues like stress or other mental health disorders please contact us directly at 407-353-8822 (crossfit specialist) or mail us at info@theworkoutexperiencecenter.com