What To Know Before Doing A Crossfit Open Workouts?

are you are looking for crossfit workouts? if so, then you are in the right place. this article will provide some tips on how to perform a crossfit open workout while keeping track of your numbers while doing it. note that while some coaches might recommend considering using a lower weight for each exercise during the open, i would actually recommend using your same weight or slightly heavier for these exercises since they tend to depend more on strength than reps or weight use per set.

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How Do You Register For The Crossfit Open?

To register for the CrossFit Open, you can enter online at http://www.crossfitgames.com by entering in your information and swiping your card on the screen, or register over the phone at 206-626-3406 using the same information. Then select YES to get more information about prices. The “Select Gym” connection should be done manually by calling them directly if possible (trust me, not all gyms are easy to talk with!). The changes to our application process were needed because if there isn’t a gym within 25 miles of where you live it is much more difficult for us crossfitters to practice every day. Training every day is imperative when doing well in this sport! If all else fails, you can also find cheap 1-Month memberships here: http://crossfitgames2014membership.prod1and1.net/. Please note that there is no “practice partner” program associated with this event– this is an endurance event that requires 2 people to continuously do workouts for two different groups throughout the entire month of July through June 2014. Teams will need teams of 2 people both practicing together during these sessions everyday between 7am and 9pm numerous times each week so please let us know ahead of time if you want team members! You can submit your scores electronically here: http://cfbofficerscorecentral/CFBI2014/home/, OR call 206-626-3406 once June 30th

what to know before doing a crossfit open workouts?


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