What To Get Someone For Christmas Who Loves Crossfit?

I’m truly in love with our new competition. It’s perfect for my girls’ age and level of fitness/knowledge (plus they get to earn points for their workouts too). Jaimie is a great personal trainer, super flexible and accommodating of their work schedule. We have completed a good bit of the program already and have only been going every other week. Our sessions are constantly super productive which helps prevent burnout. Some weeks we just jump on a few of the “fat burning cardio” circuits while some weeks we might do strength training days if they feel so inclined! This program has been nothing short of amazing at helping them improve all over both physically and mentally so can’t wait until it starts in January!!!”

To help you get your month off to a good start, I’VE put together some samples from recent Etsy ads that would be perfect for anyone looking to join us this year! The first one is really close to home- my oldest daughter’s boyfriend decided she had “boring” bow ties long before the holidays approached, but there was no way I could gift him something he had made himself! So…thankful th

How To Become A Judge At The Crossfit Games?

I guess you are interested in becoming a judge at the Crossfit Games, but maybe you are still not sure if that’s for you? Well I’m here to tell you that deciding to become a judge is definitely something worth doing. As long as you have the skills and attitude it takes to thrive in any type of job after all, right? Here are 3 important things I would recommend before choosing this rewarding career path! Why Become A Judge At The Crossfit Games? What do judges do at the crossfit games? If you ever watched an open workout video on YouTube or looked up the normal schedule of events happening throughout the week, past years’ Open Workouts or even last year’s Games 17 Training Camp then chances are that some part of what they said might have sounded familiar. That’s because many times during America’s premier athletic competition there is a section called “Judges Panel” which usually consists of professional athletes who work together throughout each day to ensure proper drug testing protocols and other CFG regulations are followed properly along with handling all challenges presented by participants (both officially approved and un-officially thrown their way). Essentially making them your second set of eyes… And arguably your trusted third set as well! So knowing all this information should make this career sound pretty cool right?! Watching professionals perform drills under pressure situations should be enough for anyone! After all, these athletes (and other members) should know what they’re doing better than most other people ever could

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what to get someone for christmas who loves crossfit?


5 Star Gym | Google Maps The Classic CrossFit Games are taking place in Madison, Wisconsin this December 13th – 16th. This is the first year the game has expanded to include 3 divisions: Open, Affiliated and Masters 35+ (35 plus). The top men and women will move on to the second stage of competition which is The Reebok CrossFit Games. Welcome all! I’m excited for 2014! Hope everyone had a good New Year’s celebration! We made it through another year! …and another Australian Grand Prix Championships wrapped up last week. It was great to see many familiar faces this time around as well as some new ones that take their sport very seriously too. As you can see from two of my athletes that competed in both years…Both Murray & Eric were wearing their race suits under their wardrobe #newcoverage