What To Expect The First Month Of Crossfit?

During this time you will notice some changes in your body appearance. But before our arrival, I was not so big and muscular, at the beginning of the first month of crossfit training I saw a guy more beefy than me! Yes people are getting stronger here! However stamina is precarious because it is not enough to train only twice per week. The best way to improve endurance is by working out on three or four days of the week. So for example you can dedicate two or three days each week of workout routine that target mainly endurace exercise, then you will naturally gain strength and stamina on other days (that’s why we call them accessory exercises), but make sure your work out intensity never drops below 80% intensity on any day except on rest days! You can also check all these videos about beginner workouts

Also bear in mind that during the first month of crossfit there are major muscle growth that will need time to fully develop. There are lots of myths about how fast muscles develop after arriving here, if you are looking for speed results they are just doable…but pretty slow…and definitely don’t expect 10kg per month during second semester even if doing almost every single hard exercise every day!!!

What Kind Of Crossfit Class To Start With?

There are five types of CrossFit classes that are offered at CrossFit Escondido. Level 1: This class is designed for beginners, welcoming everyone in both Olympian and Non-Olympian athletes. You can expect to learn the foundational movements in a scaled or scaled intensity program including gymnastics, mobility work, body weight exercises, live skills work and basic weight lifting . It also includes strategies to prepare for competition. This class is 50 minutes long with 30 minutes of class time & 10 minutes of skill instruction/recovery. Level 2: The second level will be even more advanced than Level 1 giving you the opportunity to learn bigger lifts like cleans, snatches and overhead squats (and all variations). Your goal is not necessarily to win but rather to master the basics and transition into any 2nd year University Fitness Certification Programs such as DSST or NASM Sports Medicine Residency programs. This class is 60 minutes long with 30 minutes of class time & 20 minutes of skill instruction/recovery (where applicable).


what to expect the first month of crossfit?


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