What To Expect My First Day Of Crossfit?

We all want to know what to expect my first day of crossfit, right? For most people they think it will be like the conventional gym with weights and dumbbells. What they don’t realize is that Crossfit workouts are more intense than anything else they have ever done before.

Starting Out Your First Month Achieved We all want to start off our fitness journey on the right foot! Our friend Joshua Atwood recently sent in his progress report for starting out his fitness gains in the month of December. Here’s how he did: Every weekday morning I do five full rounds of pushups with bodyweight leg raises in between rounds…

What Jump Rope Was Used In The 2016 Crossfit Games?

The Jump Rope featured in the 2016 Crossfit Games was the Nexxistuff JumpRopes Elite. What Is The Nexxistuff JumpRopes Elite? The Nexxistuff Jump Rope is an elite training tool by Nexxistuff. The product features a compact design, making it ideal for traveling with you all over the world. Its lightweight construction makes this jump rope quite easy to store in your gym bag or pocket. With its superior performance capabilities, clear aesthetic, and wide range of accessories , this is one of the most highly recommended cross-training options available for athletes who are serious about sustaining progress during intense workouts, long hours at work and throughout their everyday lives.

Voted #1 CrossFit gyms in Jacksonville

what to expect my first day of crossfit?


Jacksonville Beach CrossFit has been voted #1 in Jacksonville by the readers of The Florida Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2017!! We are humbled and honored by this recognition. Thank you! gymsportslifestyle.com/work Posted May 6, 2017 Workout Of The Day 4×10 deadlifts (most sets)+1 leg press (incline or decline) For time (rest as needed between sets): Run 400m (no rest between movements). Bike 40 min, incline 15% pedaling; sprint 7 laps on bicycle; 30 sec break jbeachesurf.org Posted May 1, 2017 Sparkpeople: SparkFun 3 Amigo Teamspeak Challenge 4 lbs body weight (or equivalent) for 5 minutes without letting go of the handles – record time overall. fixthetuna.com/forum-news Posted Mar 30, 2017