What To Eat Before Crossfit In The Morning?

Try eating 2-3 hours before crossfit. That should give you enough time to settle in and stretch out while still being hydrated

What can I eat after a good workout? Can it include food with protein in it because I apparently have an issue with my stomach?

Yes! But try to limit yourself eating solid foods for half an hour after your workout. Your body needs the energy for recovery, not digestion. Your stomach will be full which is why you’re having issues, so take care of it by staying away from regular meals until several hours later when your stomach has settled down… then enjoy some hard earned post workout calories! 😉

What Crossfit Workouts To Avoid With Spine Problems?

While Crossfit has become very popular lately, it is not for everyone. When you have health problems, you need to learn about the workouts so that you can stay away from doing exercises that are too complicated or putting unnecessary pressure on your spine. What Types Of Nerve Impairment Are There? There are several types of nerve impairement which can cause pain in the lower back and legs. These conditions include: Diabetes; Arthritis; Herniated discs; Sciatica; Cauda equina syndrome (pain when walking below waist); Radiculopathy (when an injury goes into the spinal cord) and myelodysplasia (disordered formation of blood cells in bone marrow).

How I Started A $12K/Month Crossfit Gear Brand

what to eat before crossfit in the morning?


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