What To Do When You Tear Off Skin From Crossfit?

I was using WOONIE on my hands and wrists for about three months, and loved it. I loved the smell but most importantly I loved the way that product made my skin feel. My hands were smooth and soft and lovely to touch after first application.

One day I decided to use WOONIE around my elbow joint because I was joint icing/massaging prior to jock tying. Well needless to say after several applications one of my elbows ripped off like a piece of paper (purple). Within seconds the area had turned darkly purple with blood/contusions surrounding it.

The doctor said he had never seen an injury like this before. That same doctor has been working on me for years and has caused me many injuries but this time it really hurt!

After two more unsuccessful attempts at purchasing WOONIE online, I finally bought Korilux Tear Off Skin Remover from Amazon cheaper than the original price ($17 vs $36). Guys, you have GOT TO TRY THIS STUFF!!! Even if your skin doesn’t rip itself apart you are going to win over friends just by showing them how much better your skin looks using this stuff!

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Your perfect shoe is out there

what to do when you tear off skin from crossfit?


. Not only is your shoe out there, it looks exactly like you. The other day I set out to find a new pair of shoes. I thought about all my available options and decided on an eyelet penny loafer from Tod’s. It was perfect, not similar enough for someone to have known me from the time the shoe was made to say it looked anything but good, yet also just a little different than a thousand pairs that people wore that year. About a month later I found myself shopping in an Aba Sock Shop outside Tel Aviv for classic shoes with no matching socks. I ended up buying two pairs because they were classic shoes with no matching socks, and together they cost five dollars more than one would pay for each separately (or at least they did in 2010). The style of shoe and sock is called “menswear blucher pumps” or “bluchers” when referring to British footwear; when speaking figuratively, it means something between casual dress or athlete’s sneakers (think: flip-flops but in leather), and oxford styles (with laces.) My daily wear shoes in college in Bethlehem were comfortable bluchers — neither geeky nor gaudy — very much like this Israeli version today can be described as can be seen in these pictures: Fifteen years earlier than my purchase of these popular men’s footwear styles featured above, back