What To Do If You Strain Your Back In Crossfit?

do you need to stop doing cross fit training? that should be your first instinct.However if you are concerned that it may be something more serious then definitely get in touch with a fitness professional for advice…for example I work with recovery specialists and I personally do not believe in IV’s , which can actually make things worse by causing extra pain, swelling or even damage to muscles, bones or ligaments. So if its something thats not too urgent get in touch with us at Cross Fit Cheltenham it may just help reduce the strain….and remember taking care of our bodies is the most important thing!

What Is The Correct Progression For Pullups In Crossfit?

The correct progression for pullups in Crossfit is to start with weighted barbells and then progress to belt pullups after a workout. Typically, people will pair barbell rows with the pullups instead of doing them separately. It’s up to you! I personally do the crossfit assistance work before my back day because it tends to help my entire body since it includes a heavy compound exercise like a row. 3. Bicep curls Your biceps are your best asset in your arms, so make sure they get some quality time in! In fact, there is no reason you shouldn’t be hammering out at least 4 sets of 8-10 reps when training bicep muscles from every angle possible. Eating enough protein goes a long way when trying to build muscle in any part of your body, but especially when that part is heavily involved with strength training such as the bicep curl. The more iron you put into cartilage every single day the better off you will be! Aim for atleast 30 seconds rest between sets or 60 seconds between sets going through 3 rounds focusing on low weight and high repetitions propelling your blood flow through your muscles faster than ever before! Be creative and find ways around what limits you from getting bigger pecs without overtraining! Don’t forget about grip work either, hammering out another 10 reps or even by 20 if needed can take years off your arm masterpiece!!

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what to do if you strain your back in crossfit?


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