What Time Do The Crossfit Games Start Today?

Who won the appeal to have the state ban open carry? Is it effective? What do you think of concealed handgun laws in general? If no guns are being carried, why the need for a law that only prevents out-of-state carriers from bringing their weapons into Pennsylvania? And let’s get back to “Don’t let me live there. I don’t want anyone taking my rights away.” Do you really think your interpretation of “take my rights away” includes eliminating parts of the Bill of Rights, which has been constitutionally preserved since 1789? And please remember what it says in Article 1, Section 4: Congress shall make no law…taking money or property from anyone without due process of law…nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation. So if Congress can amend our Constitution by passing laws that prohibit something without offering compensation while guns are banned completely, then why not allow it with other violations?

But wait! We should not focus on parts 2 & 3 because they are too politically motivated. After all, Dems don’t care about them! Right? Also remember Article 7 said what other states did was unconstitutional—therefore this should apply equally to all levels of government.

So I present today Last Days News #238: ‘Our Revolution Should Be Revolutionizing The Democratic Party Forevermore, Not Fighting A Shadow War With Republicans For District Control Of State Legislatures Across This

Who To Watch For At Crossfit Games 2017?

The number one, all the time leader in the category is Gina Liano. Last year she finished second to Brooke Encely who later quit the competition after finishing fourth. If she’s to win it all, you can be sure that this will be Gina’s best year yet! She comes into 2017 with her eyes set on winning gold at Games 32. Not only did she finish 1st overall last year but also won two silver medals in 2012 and 2014 respectively. It’s clear that she’s improving each day and is looking for big things this year. Some of her biggest rivals include Kyra Condo (last years 2nd place finisher), Katrin Davidsdottir (2nd place 2011) and Kristi Arlbergsson (former champion). These three women are definitely gonna push each other to see who wins Games 30… But if anyone can beat Gina it’ll probably be Arianna Simpson whom has finished 7th, 8th & 13th so far during games season. If Arianna has anything up her sleeve then we could see a different story unfold but even then I don’t think there’s anyone who can pass Gina when it comes to strength ratings!!!

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what time do the crossfit games start today?


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