“What The Fuck Did You Say About Crossfit?”?

this is what happens when you let the O’s try to hang with the T’s.

I think this was more of a question/concern, not an attack… but I understand your point – which it sounds like he got lost in there for a bit before heading back to his own lane.

Karma though! The opposing team has plenty of it these days…. Back to top Jeff Zellers

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Reputation: Posts: 20,004Threads: 584Joined: Dec 2010Reputation: 171 #48 (10/19/2011, 11:36 PM) Topher Wrote: not because its secretly funded by lucas or sony – i mean even if they were i couldnt actually lay claim to how many people do play MOH 🙁 so i kinda see why he thinks he can throw around valid “facts” without backing them up lol. but thats just my opinion *shrug* well then ill let him explain it anyways :))

Why Should You Sign Up For The Crossfit Open?

The Crossfit Open is a strength and conditioning competition open to the public, with all abilities welcome. The long version of the Open sees athletes from regions around the world compete for their region at the annual Regionals event held in California, USA. In Dublin this will be a four day Regional that will take place on March 26th – March 30th. If you’re at least 18 years old and want to earn an invite to the exciting A-Series tournaments across Europe then enter now! Who’s competing? You can find out more about each athlete qualified by viewing the following link: https://www.crossfitopen.com/athletes/by-name/ireland/

Watch “The Fittest” Trailer


Broadchurch’s Jodie Whitaker is one of the stars of The Fittest. Alison Malsbury, who plays the nurse named Jean, said Whitaker approached her after she was cast in the health-care drama to find out how to use her prosthetic belly on set. Malsbury’s voice got so hoarse for The Fittest shoot that she had to wear a prosthetic belly pad under her clothes during filming. Whitaker wore one as well so they could all play pretend. “It was really bizarre doing it with another person, but at the same time fun since I couldn’t see them,” Malsbury told The Huffington Post Canada earlier this week at TIFF. “All I could see was their silhouette, which was actually kind of nice because it made me feel more comfortable being around Jodie.” Whitaker plays female lead Reanne Stifler in Bryan Cranston’s new film about men battling each other in a testosterone sugar-fueled sport called dueling (think WWE). Not your average boxing movie by any means!