What The Best Square Footage For A Crossfit Gym?

Cost of Gym Space

The cost to rent space for a comprehensive gym you can modify yourself is obviously somewhat higher than the typical commercial gym. With that being said, the amount of money one should invest in their own facility will depend on both budget and personal preference. It is important to remember, however, that even if you make major changes like building an extra home gym or buying top-of-the-line equipment (not something to be ashamed about), it does not mean you’ll get bigger results at your crossfit box by pouring more cash into it; if anything, investing in your box might result in lower give back rates because people expect you to do better than other boxes with less spending! Try getting creative around this issue by adding enticing extras to your setup but don’t hesitate to ask around among friends and family for help too.


CrossFit has grown so exponentially over the past few years it is difficult these days knowing someone who hasn’t heard about CrossFit at least once. This rapid growth also provides another benefit: word of mouth inevitably exposes any weak spots for solution! If there are elements within your crossfit box that are subpar already keep asking why this element exists and what improvement could be made before dismissing the problem altogether. What’s stopping others from cutting corners? Don’t just whine about costs either; why aren’t clients interested enough to provide an amazing rate of return on their investment?

When Will I Start Seeing Results From Crossfit?

The crossfit method is a great way to get in shape, but it’s going to take some time for your body to adapt. You will most likely have a few sore muscles in the beginning of a CrossFit workout, and it can be quite uncomfortable at times. That goes along with the adrenaline rush when you start experiencing weight loss from effective CrossFit workouts! After about 6 months of doing heavy strength training workouts 3-5x per week, you should begin seeing results from your efforts. Depending on how fast or slow you want to go with improving your fitness level, you can also visit our blog post entitled ‘Crossfit Bodybuilding Program’. It gives the specifics of how long it takes to get in good shape doing high resistance, full body workouts three days a week!

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what the best square footage for a crossfit gym?


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