What Sport Is Better Rock Climbing Or Crossfit]?

Honestly, I think people who don’t like crossfit are either lazy or push themselves too hard. If you have trouble riding a bike for 15 miles in the summer heat, there is no way you are going to rip it up in the gym. It’s just not possible for your body to do both at the same time without sacrificing one for the other. People who say ‘I hate climbing but I love them both’ are just being dishonest… Be honest with yourself, tell people what you actually feel about each of these activities!

3) What is your favourite type of music? I listen to all types of music but my favourites tend to change every 3-4 months. Right now it seems that country rock is in full swing and today was playing The Band when Ellen came in!

4) If you could buy ANYTHING off Amazon what would it be? IT COULD NOT BE ANYTHING THAT SUPPORTS THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY!!! No clothing company needs another item!!

What To Eat Before Crossfit Early Morning Worksout?

Most Crossfiters and other athletes in general tend to be pretty regular people. We wake up in the morning and we eat and we go about our day. It can become overwhelming when you’ve committed yourself to a regimen like CrossFit where this doesn’t always mesh well with your schedule nor does it fit well when friends or family members need to be fed, entertained, etc. I used to make breakfast due to time constraints (I was a student) but now that I am an adult that is not a concern for me anymore — just something else I do at night that turns into breakfast before work — but during the early days of Crossfit, what exactly should one start eating? I do recommend 2-3 good meals per day and believe it will help keep you balanced and nourished. The best way is probably through cereal or oatmeal for most sedentary individuals or protein shakes if you spend long hours/days at the gym lifting heavy stuff so your body can absorb nutrients properly throughout the course of each practice session. If you don’t know how much time you have, plan out which meal would possibly match up better with next table below:

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what sport is better rock climbing or crossfit]?


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