What Should Be In Your Crossfit Gym Bag?

1: Think about the areas you want to workout in and how much space you have. I’ve listed my gym bag below so you can see this for yourself:

2: For me it does not need to be a high end bike, personally I do not believe that an expensive bike will make a difference. In fact, if people could really get away with using entry level bikes all the time then your muscle size could actually decrease! So save some money and buy a less expensive bike from somewhere like Bikes Direct or direct from other places online. Just make sure it isn’t a board type bike because these require constant maintenance and yours will break eventually!

3: If you can skip spending money on good trainers consider getting good trainers instead of going to the gym only for warm up or speed work at first! My trainer allows me to jump through numerous exercises during warm ups giving me full body workouts rather than just isolated exercises i.e squats. This way there is always something functional being done which is highly underrated by most people who think that just aerobics are enough! You will also notice that it is easier to move fast with shoes on too because this takes away stresses on your joints compared running barefoot. Also purchase a pair of trainers earlier in the year, don’t wait until January when prices go up dramatically…

How Much Pize Money Do Crossfit Games Teams Get?

The Crossfit Games are huge. There are typically about 400 athletes competing in the main competition with only two people per country allowed to compete. The top ten finishers at each of the Open workouts will all be awarded a cash prize. Any athlete that qualifies for the Games through various qualifying events, such as Regionals or Affiliate Cup competitions, is also eligible to win money! The runners-up will receive anywhere from $500 up to $15,000 depending on how many people qualify with them. Lastly, there are always some who come out of nowhere and win big or even walk away with nothing at all! The following year’s competition is scheduled for August 2017 so now is a great time to start planning ahead if you want to compete next year!

Georgetown, KY Traffic and Road Conditions

what should be in your crossfit gym bag?


Driving through Georgetown, Kentucky is not much different than driving anywhere in North America. You will find that the speed limit is typically 35 mph unless it’s a city street or highway where there are posted speed limits. Traffic lights are common in areas you wouldn’t expect them to be, so expect to stop at red lights when turning left onto a road parallel to one you’re already on. This does happen quite often anyway, even if you usually take the right side for turns. Georgetown has plenty of hotels and motels close by, which make it an ideal place to base oneself while traveling throughout Kentucky.