What Kind Of Person Do You Have To Be To Do Crossfit??

you have to be incredibly strong!” i was intrigued.

i joined up because my main thought at the time was that this was something that i enjoyed doing, but didn’t already know enough about to call it a permanent part of my life. obviously at some point i did get hooked, though! these days, if someone asks me what i do, i can say “i go to gym and work out?” no problems there whatsoever.

back in the day when you joined crossfit, you could never make any money because you were not sponsored by any outside company. you could not charge people for classes nor could you cash in on your training potentiality for selling other products etcetera–which nowadays are pretty much EVERYTHING about crossfit! but back then it wasn’t that way at all…you just went through the experience vicariously knowing other people were super-strong and being so proud of yourself for being able to come close enough to their level.

as “not strong enough yet” as i am today still, joining crossfit made me stronger than ever both physically AND mentally before anyone else saw what I was capable of..just too bad they don’t want YOU strong and healthy and HAPPY and doing anything worth getting strong!! 😐 : 0)

How Much Does The Rogue Crossfit Snail Weigh?

In this video, CrossFit Trainer Shawn Smith answers What does a Rogue Snail weigh? And How Much Does The Rogue Crossfit Snail Weigh? Shawn Smith records a video on the Rogue bench press bench. http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-dumbbells More Info: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskRogueFitness In this video, Rogue Fittness trainer Shawn Smith answers Why do you wear two different wrist weights during bench press and why is one thicker than the other? Does it become uncomfortable? On this episode of Ask Rogue Fitness, CrossFit Trainer Shawn Smith answers The Proper Uses for Wrist Weights and Why One Is Thicker Than Another to Support Your Grip and Hand Position During Exercises such as Bench Press.http://www.roguefitness.com/rogue

Blauer Tactical Training Calendar

what kind of person do you have to be to do crossfit??


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