What Kind Of Benefits Can I Offer My Small Crossfit Staff?

CrossFit is a highly demanding fitness regimen. The coaches and other gym athletes at CrossFit South Shore will offer you the opportunity to excel and reach your potential. Whether you’re just starting out, or have years of experience under your belt—we will help you achieve your goals through skill development and confidence.

Can i take my kids?

We typically do not allow children in our classes unless they are participating with their parents, but would happily train them if we receive permission from the parent first. However, we do encourage parents to attend class as well so their children can see examples of proper technique and how it’s done safely!

When You The Weakest In Your Crossfit Box?

I didn’t realize that this would be a BIG issue…but it is. It’s become a HUGE topic in most CrossFit gyms today. Here’s why: 1) They were doing TONS of overhead squats, and loving it! One day they did one warm up set of 20 reps with perfect technique for 95% reps, and the next workout they were hitting THAT PROMISED 95% on every set! Now some people love progress, but others don’t like seeing their hard work translate into new PRs or scores at their box. So many people experience soreness and caution around these kinds of lifts because we’ve been taught to NOT do muscle-ups while we’re at full force on an overhead squat. Well guess what? The injury rate on muscle ups has gone UP by huge amounts since CrossFit athletes started pursuing them beyond the confines of strict gymnastics (or even powerlifting). I want to make sure you don’t get caught up in this argument either though; I think our trainer made an excellent point here…lift with ego out the window, if your form starts to deteriorate then QUIT THE LIFT!! Think for yourself: Would you rather see recovery time or health recovery time? Health recovery wins every time (see #5!). Just own it and do something different if needed; there are plenty of other ways to achieve goals that will keep you healthy and feeling confident moving forward 🙂 2) Overhead squats are challenging to

Weightlifting Shoes – Best Picks for Olympic and Powerlifting

what kind of benefits can i offer my small crossfit staff?


At the end of this article, I will review the best Olympic shoes on the market right now, with additions to my original picks. I expect it to be a relatively short list. Powerlifting Shoes for Both Weightlifters and Powerlifters are Considered Superior by Most To many lifters who compete in both powerlifting and weightlifting, their needs are very similar. The really good performance brands have made improvements over time, but they don’t necessarily reinvent their offering with each new generation of manufacturing technology improvements. That means that while most lifters have become more knowledgeable about what type of shoe is best for them, they haven’t moved away from popular models that actually work well enough for them not to need to consider other options. This article will show you how those choices compare among brands and styles as we look at three different types of weight-lifting shoes: