What Is The Difference Between Crossfit And Gym?

Crossfit is a style of workout that takes, if not all, more out of you than just lifting weights. It is rigorous and incorporates many different workouts to keep your body guessing as to what you will be doing next. This keeps the interest level of the workout high, but also makes it harder for new exercisers because they may have never done some exercises before. Gym work out are generally set up with repetitive exercises performed at a certain time or place on a regular schedule. Both types of workouts are effective for losing weight and building muscle mass, but only one will truly provide you with an awesome fitness experience!

Hanjam Fitness Why I’M Not Doing The Crossfit Open?

This is not to say that I’m not going to compete. I am, and will very likely take home a giant trophy and then send it back to the owner (Mr.. Ben Berger) as trade for another one of his big wooden cabinets. But what about everyone else? Is this event for everybody who wants to explore an intense workout routine or should all those folks go play some hockey or something? Listen, you crossfitters: We all know your life revolves around fitness now (see: why people are doing Crossfit), but maybe those of us without those kind of herculean physiques need to dip our toe in the water before we leap into overkill. Maybe that’s just me though and if so well played sir and madam!

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what is the difference between crossfit and gym?


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