What Is The Cost For Cooperstown Crossfit, Roundhouse Road, Oneonta, Ny?


CrossFit My Way is an athletic training program whose main objective is to improve quality of life for people by giving them the tools they need to be happy, healthy and active in their lives. Our focus on specific conditions inside out, gives our clients a faster rate of results while helping maintain their health long term. We encourage all our clients to become involved in some way with the CrossFit community locally or online so that you can get inspired and motivated at your own CrossFit box or wherever you may go! Let us help you do the same! Read More >

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Crossfit?

I’ve got a great question for you today: does it take longer to see results from Crossfit than it did from your former fitness routine? If we were able to look into the future and answer that question, then we could all settle in and wait—because chances are that after only about six months of Crossfit training, our bodies will already be looking like they did when we first started. And if the technology to tell us what our bodies “should” look like never existed, how could we possibly make such an assessment? But before you get too riled up over this concept (especially because I used the term “increase body fat percentage” above), let me digress just a bit. The fact is, while some people may have more or less muscle mass after six months of working out with weights or doing sprints on their bike every day for an hour plus, virtually no one knows where his or her lean muscularity is at right now. Yes—you probably know more about your body composition right now than you ever have before! There are very few people who would be surprised if their lean muscularity was somewhere between 5–7% body fat right now—and yet the vast majority of the population would agree that there are some things about their current physique that require immediate improvement! That’s essentially what I wanted to get across here. You can train hard every single day for years with weights or sprints on


what is the cost for cooperstown crossfit, roundhouse road, oneonta, ny?


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