What Is The Correct Progression For Pullups In Crossfit?

Squats + Deadlifts + Pullups Since the Open is right around the corner…’crossfitters’ often see it as a race to see who can get to 10 pullups and 10 deadlifts first. To improve your O-lift times, consider doing this: 5 x 3 heavy single at 80% of your best squat or deadlift

5 x 2 heavy double at 85% of your best squat or deadlift — keep track of MAJOR lifts (squat/deadlift) and minor lifts (pullup/pushup). If you aren’t sure what percentages to use for your major lifts—that come naturally without coaching, or that require coaching—try squating or [email protected] # once every week with 90-95% max effort. During these sessions, after every single set change, try a new number for your major lift so you can track progress in real time! This way you’ll know whether sticking with an 805×845+5×10 method has been working better than going super heavy with small increments per week for most of the year! As always if you have any questions reach out to us on Facebook Live or email [email protected]

How Do I Change My Affiliate On Crossfit Games?

If you want to add an affiliate that isn’t affiliated with Crossfit Inc., then just go through the Workout Builder and click ‘Add Affiliate.’ This menu will have all of the affiliates you have added previously. Whereas, if you are adding a new affiliate, then click on ‘Workout Builder’ instead of ‘Add Affiliate’ above. Then just select your desired affiliate from the dropdown menu. You can also choose which workout for this affiliate to appear on. If you have more than one affiliate, they will be listed in this same tab here as well by default so it is pretty easy to figure out which affiliate corresponds with any given workout. How Do I Change The Name Of An Affiliate? Once you have an active CrossFit Games Affiliate set up all within the Workout Builder, your first name under your profile should already show whatever last name you provided earlier upon account creation. If it doesn’t then go into your settings for that Affiliate on their profile page and change the last name there as well via their Contact Details section (make sure not to make any spelling mistakes). After changing your Affiliates first name/last name, head on over back into their individual profiles again on Wodify and make sure both are properly updated!


what is the correct progression for pullups in crossfit?


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