What Is That Song In Crossfit Vidoe Road To The Games?

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Quote from: wingedwulf on May 20, 2009, 05:28:33 PM QFT! haha, i had to look up the song too


it’s part of an olympic commercial for tonks glasses haha I wish my ass felt that good after work…. haha it’s part of an olympic commercial for tonks glasses haha I wish my ass felt that good after work…. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympic_Games_IOC#1995 __________ Still scared but watching cockroaches wiggle around will have you feeling better in no time!!!! 😀 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1aTcMT-pfA ](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1aTcMT-pfA) [/URL] they are trying to use this in a commercial now[/URL] ;D when they get around to making me an action figure having hands like this would make me feel frisky… hey when will ronnie be back??? :rolleyes [/URL] [editline]26th May 2010[/editline] guys its not possable krusty wrote it is

How Much Do Pro Crossfit Make At Regionals?

In the video below, CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman made a quip about how much subsidizing will cost his company in event of a national title. With the dust from the Northeast Regionals almost settled and ProLang’s crowning, we can assess Glassman’s claim by looking at how much subsidizing CrossFit will have to do over the next few days. We’ll talk about some of the ways that one can make up costs for running a major championship like an Open or Regionals and what it means for future events. ProLang’s margin is even more interesting because their US$3,000 prize was less than half of what regionals prizes typically go towards (US$7,500). That means that after covering their entry fees and uniform costs (if they were lucky enough to get them), they’d still be left with less than $1,000 to play with per day. How Much Does ITG Subsidize The Price of Admission? The most interesting part of this regional championship run was not so much who did well but who did not: Team Russia. They had no live team fundraising on our site yet still had more than US$4,000 coming in every day from donations through PayPal alone! Here’s what else we know about their performance: they out-performed all other teams both during individual workouts such as Monday evening qualifying heats and on event days such as Friday afternoon finals into Saturday morning qualification heats each workout category

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what is that song in crossfit vidoe road to the games?


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