What Is Required To Get A Level One Crossfit Certificate?

Warm-up: 5 minutes of cardio, no weight training. Then at least two rounds of :10 on body weight squats, 10 lunges on each leg, 5 pushups/star jumps/star jumps with rotation added at the bottom for 10 reps, 15 ground to overhead presses with 2 second pauses in between. Try finish this with a mix of pistols and pushups before going into rounds two and three of :10 on body weight squat followed by :15 on kettlebell swings(2 pood), then go into the five rounds :5 bodyweight squats (per leg). Work up to having 4-6 rounds in each direction. Work back down to warm up position when finished.

Shoulder Press/Roman Press- 3 warmup sets at 20%x1 (one time)+3×5 (1 time)@95×0 +3 x 8 @40×0

Weighted Sit Ups 4 warmup sets at 20%x1 (1 time) +4×8 (2 times) @50 x 0

Hip Extensions 4 Warmup Sets at 25% 1 time/20 reps choice

Barbell Bent Over Row 6 warm-up set 50% 1 single rep chin ups 2 doubles 80 % one arm pushes or dips 3 singles 100 % one arm pulls or sits 4 singles 125 % bicep curls 5 singles 150 % bicep curls 6 singles 165 reps bicep curls 7 single 100 reps bice

How To Ensure Crossfit Weight Is On Heels?

Weight on the heels is one of the most common mistakes in crossfit. If you’re doing a workout that involves a lot of sprinting or continuous movement then weight will usually end up resting on your heels. This can be pretty problematic because it can wreak havoc on your knees and reduce the amount of power you have to carry out other exercises. So, what should you do if it happens? Well, first off make sure that your shoes are comfy; I know thats easier said than done sometimes but honestly this is important! If they don’t fit right then there really is no point spending any money buying new ones because they won’t feel any different! When I mean comfortable here I mean like slightly flopping around, not feeling snug at all; some people prefer light high shoes or low tops but I find these types of shoes more suited to gym sessions where weight lifting isn’t included (they use more explosive movements like jumping). Shoes with anti-pronation technology for example would be perfect for crossfit workouts too! They will absorb shock better which means less pressure on joints and muscles so less chance of injury. The only downside to these kinds of shoes is that they aren’t suitable for long distance running activities as their density makes them heavier than regular trainers. So if its not worth purchasing the expensive anti-pronated shoe then at least get reasonably light training shoes with good support. Also avoid high heel trainers

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what is required to get a level one crossfit certificate?


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