What Is Pvc Pipe Used For In Crossfit?

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How To Do The Twelve Days Of Christmas Crossfit?

In the last article we explored the Christmas song “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” and decided it would make a great Crossfit goal for 2013. In this article, I will explore how to do twelve days of Christmas Crossfit training. So what does that mean? What can you expect from a Crossfit workout that is called The Twelve Days Of Christmas? Here are some ideas: 1 – Give thanks for your family and friends on one day 2 – Buy gifts for your family and friends on another day 3 – Eat a pecan pie with whipped cream every other day 4 – Sled down hill at least once a day 5 – Turn an old tin can into silver or gold 6 – Play five hundred games of pool 7 – Write a poem about roses 8 – Do high falls 9- Poison frogs 10- Lick many different types of lollipops 11- Cut out over 100 paper doilies 12- Cook chicken drumsticks in muscle milk Any way you look at it, The Twelve Days Of Christmas doesn’t sound half bad. We have twelve workout days to choose from so why not enjoy them all? Each rotation has several things going on so train hard across all twelve workouts. Try doing each thing at least three times (and more if you like). If you’re training with someone else, try trying each item during different parts of the same workout. Let’s say there’s only one hour available in your strength session; then split that time into two different periods

Try these CrossFit workout routines to get you motivated

what is pvc pipe used for in crossfit?


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