What Is My Box In The Crossfit App In Itunes?

Go to your apps and click on the crossfit box app and it will be there. Refer: http://www.crossfitgames.com/2015/games-2015/how-to-download-the… Read more

Drake Rizobolo from Canada from Canada On December 14, 2013 : Excellent application The app is very easy to use. I was a little skeptical at first but after getting used to it I found that if you follow th… Read more

TRISHA YERZILIAN from United States from United States The app is awesome! It has all of my hard work for this past season worth money wise in a way that guys can understand!! Tis a great idea to have something downloade… Read more

gofgal from United Kingdom from United Kingdom This program changed my life . i love being able 2 see how far im going fitness wise during the day . i cant wait til the next season starts tho so i can get wha… Read more

How Much Muscle Do You Gain Using Crossfit?

If you maintain the same weight training program, low intensity exercise will provide no additional benefits to your fitness than resistance training. That said, you can gain more muscle mass using high intensity interval training (HIIT) than traditional strength training if motivation is your highest priority! Research indicates that the average gains for people who did shorter workouts with HIIT were significantly greater than anyone doing longer, steady state cardio based workouts (2x-6x per week!). Another study showed that this translates into significant muscle growth in both males and females. Check out our article on How Much Muscle Do You Gain Using Crossfit? to learn more about how Crossfit can help you get shredded fast!

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what is my box in the crossfit app in itunes?


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