What Is It Like Walking Into A Crossfit Gym?

it’s pretty cool. here, there are a lot of young kids, mostly girls – the atmosphere is very family-oriented. if you go to a regular gym it would be intimidating because of the mood and intensity, but at crossfit this vibe of friendly competition is part of the culture.

it was hard for me to leave my comfort zone from working out independently on my own schedule. i am tough on myself about not being able to do certain things – i was always feeling like i should have been able to do more during work outs…i find motivation and inspiration by experiencing my physical limits and different ways people overcome their limitations. finding those weaknesses is one of the most stressful parts in terms of my confidence as an individual because no matter how strong or healthy someone else is they can always surprise you with what theyre capable off physically…to see everyone over come each other inspires me as as person as well as an athlete!

Understand And Articulate Why Crossfit Teaches These Nine Movements?

One of the most common questions that I was asked as I returned from my CrossFit Pro-Am experience was “Why do you only focus on these nine movements”? I was surprised by this question and tried to explain this very simple and logical explanation: The first reason (simple explanation) is because we work with a variety of athletes who range in age and skill level. A preschooler or a 20 year old is able to complete these nine exercises at varying levels, depending on their current fitness level. Using the example of my five participants spanning from 5 weeks to 17 years old, they all successfully completed the entire workout. That’s why it is IMPORTANT TO be proficient at each exercise before moving on to more difficult workouts! This goes for everyone – whether you are 10 years old or 50! The second reason why we use a percentage based system can be explained as follows: It allows us an ease-of-use system so the owner/coach/ athlete don’t have to create complicated charts/sheets/calculations when trying to determine how much weight should you lift. We need something easy that everyone can understand! Now let me give you another scenario as well as some examples as how percentages work along with our 9 movements. If someone does not know squatting numbers they can use our percentages calculation below which leads them right into squatting 50% of their 1RM…. Sounds easy enough right? No sweat there… You will

2021 Crossfit Games Individual Day 2 Press Conference

what is it like walking into a crossfit gym?


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