What Is Crossfit And Why Is It Gay?

i’ve taken to using it as an excuse for why i’m not at the gym. life can be too busy, too stressful, and sometimes tony robbins is just more tony robbins than you can handle. now that i know you don’t buy into that, here are 8 reasons why i like crossfit: 1) it gets me off my butt frequently. 2) its short n sweet 3) it teaches me to move through the pain 4) if i don’t feel comfortable hearing profanity, there must be something wrong with my self-esteem (see 5 & 6). 5) soreness is good; though it should go away at night then I have less issues sleeping…6) because you have to eat healthy food afterwards to replenish your energy. which leads me into…… 7) every time I leave the box there are people waiting for me tell them what they did right or wrong up until someone judge them tho 8 ) everyone looks badass wearing a name tag 8 ) everybody looks cool in their gear 9 ) no real explanation needed

What Are Your Favorite Squat Protocols For Crossfit?

Mark: If I had 50,000 dollars to spend on one exercise for 90 days, I would invest it into making myself a stronger, more fit and healthy individual. To do that I’d need to focus on movements like front squat and traditional squats. When it comes to getting my feet wet with weightlifting (hehehehe), I also like these: Deadlift – 5×5-10; split jerk – 5×5-6; heavy snatches – 3×3; heavy cleans – 1×1 Full range of motion reps: if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing (which is strictly against CFE) start light & work up from there! Failing that read this -> https://broadbandstrengthandconditioning.com/failure/ Jake: My go-to is NOCH® Training® which utilizes our own proprietary system based on Scientific Rationale® Fitness® as well as all CrossFit® movements as preparation for competition. This not only improves mobility but increases functional strength by promoting neural adaptations throughout the nervous system. Moreover, our method produces excellent results where almost everyone who trains enjoys improved performance each time they perform a movement or program… Suck it up buttercup!! 🙂 Kina: The best thing you can do is integrate ALL of CF workouts into your “Extras” days! 😀 Seriously… work hard every single day because progress WILL happen over time if


what is crossfit and why is it gay?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrE1UqCdo-0 This is a recipe for very rich and decadent chocolate lava cake, perfect with the Caramel Sauce. If you’re already making the sauce in advance, then this will be even better when it’s cool just before serving. http://shaunofelice.blogspot.co… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAKEOUT // FitBoss Ep. 6 – YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMxjBGM65Rs Here’s another episode of Happy Birthday Takeout! Rich Froning shows how to make beautiful spiral-cut fries so you can have crispy edges without all the calories! And Shaun O’Neal demonstrates how to chop an onion properly so it doesn’t tear apart during cooking.. http://shaunofelice.blogspot…. THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE A SMOTHERED CHICKEN BREAST SERVED WITH SAUTEED SPINACH & STEAMED BROCCOLI // THE BEATDOWN EPISODE 2 – YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xPnMho_3dg Call us old school hippies, but we think fratello makes the best chicken ever! We especially appreciate their combination of three high quality cuts including thigh meat, breast meat, and leg meat — all grilled or sauteed together