What Is A Squat Clean As It Pertains To Crossfit?

The squat clean is just another variation of the classic overhead squat. It’s different because it includes the full range of movement that you would normally do in a clean portion, but your feet remain planted on the ground, unlike when training for movements like power cleans and high pulls where you can take your feet out in front allowing extra distance to be covered in the fly.

It does include pushing through one leg though so by definition it’s not deadlifting or “dead lift” (although there are plenty of similar looking exercises with common names like “RDLs”). At this point I don’t think it needs much more explanation since anyone who regularly trains at an all-levels gym should be able to figure out what this is. This video below covers how to properly perform an Olympic style clean. Keep in mind that if you want to learn how to actually use the bar correctly yourself, check out Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training ebook or our Learn How To Clean page for tips on learning proper technique and teaching your body good form holistically including form for multiple lifts!

Calorie Burn When You Redline A Short Crossfit Workout?

In 10 Minutes. Look Like You Were In A War Zone In The Morning! In a recent study by Jason Lake, creator of the Ultimate Fighter and most epic boot camp for MMA fighters in history, he discovered that you can build muscle faster when you work out at anaerobic threshold. He recommends doing short intervals (less than 20 minutes) of activity like sprinting or jumping rope to get into that “anabolic” zone. Here’s how it works: instead of carb-loading to make up for cardio workout fatigue, use high intensity bursts during your cardio sessions to break down muscles and burn fat while putting on new ones… Read More >>

Nike Metcon 6 Shoe Review

what is a squat clean as it pertains to crossfit?


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