What Is A Du/Su In Crossfit?

My friend introduced her 3 young kids to crossfit and called it du/su because she thought that was the cool way to do it. What is this? How should they call these workouts?

• I watched CrossFit Infiltrate on ESPN recently. They did a demonstration of the throw-up that looked absolutely incredible. If someone could post some videos online, I would appreciate it!

• Would love to hear more about CrossFit’s expansion into gyms in Colorado! Your article is excellent! Congratulations on all the success you are having in Colorado!! – D. Hulme

3RD ANNUAL SILVER DESERT DESCENT IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA History: The Silver Desert Descent has been around since 2009 when CF founder Greg Glassman dropped down 85 feet into an empty desert near Phoenix, Arizona. Since then the event has grown exponentially and become one of the best free events in America. Both amateur and pro athletes alike participate; throwing themselves off cliffs with reckless abandon for their glory or self preservation (just ask Rich Froning). It is great fun for all involved but very dangerous at times (especially if you like winning!). The 2012 course turned out to be 10,000 feet long with only one mile of skinning between jumps…and didn’t end until Team Glassman came back all smiles after falling 165 feet straight down across multiple cliff bands.. Pics from past years can be found here: http://www.crossf

How To Watch Events Froomt He Crossfit Games?

The Froomt He Crossfit Games will be streamed live through the CrossFit Games website and YouTube channel. Starting Friday, April 21st you can also catch a livestream on FloSports! The events that will be shown during the 5 hour broadcast are listed below: The Opening Ceremonies The opening ceremonies for this month’s installment of the Froomt He Crossfit Games will provide a preview of what’s to come as current athletes from past games make their final appearances, as well as those who have signed up but not yet competed. In addition, we’ll get a little background information on some of our sport ambassadors—those athletes who represent our sport far and wide. We may even stumble across someone acting in a rather surprising fashion… More details coming soon! Opening Ceremony – 12:00PM EST Saturday, April 22nd Warmup – 5:30PM EST Sunday, April 23rd Workout 1 – 6:00PM EST Monday, April 24th Workout 2 – 6:15 PM EST Wednesday, April 26th Workout 3- 6 pm EST Thursday ,April 27th Workout 4- 5pm EDT Friday ,April 28th Workout 5- 11am EDT Saturday ,April 29th Event 1- 12 AM EDT Sunday ,April 30th Event 2- Noon EDT Event 3- 10 AM EDT Event 4 -11 Am EDT Tuesday May 2nd WOD 1 -7AMETWEDNESDAY MAY 2ND


what is a du/su in crossfit?


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