What Is A Box Jump Over In Crossfit?

Moai is a big bad guy in Tony Stark’s imagination. He can control all things through his madness except for the appearance of death itself. The only thing that seems to stand against him would be Kamar-Taj, the temple of the Ancient One or just straight up beating Moai to death with your bare hands. That’s where box jumps come into play! Box jumps are essentially jumping exercises done off an elevated surface like boxes, etc… The main reason why they’re so famous is because Ben Johnson did them in “The Last Boy Scout”. Just kidding, he was actually doing pullups at first, but found out how much it improved his static strength by adding box jumps so he could do pull ups without hurting himself… But seriously if you’ve seen this movie you know exactly what I’m talking about (he uses his bicep to knock down each box). However these days even guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger use them to improve their static shoulder strength. So let’s take a look at two ways to Box Jump!

How To Do A Box Jump: Slowly lower yourself down and explosively jump as high as you can overhead (no pause between feet touching floor and taking off) Hold everything together after landing (dig heels into ground for extra contraction) Repeat 3 times per side Switch sides 4 times Don’t forget to switch back & forth! Try mixing up speed/incline/distance on each work out day Increase intensity as necessary but don’t be too harsh

When Is The Deadline For The 2016 Crossfit Open?

The 2016 Crossfit Open will be held over four weeks starting on the 18th of October and ending on 05 November. The final day is all about you, so show up strong! At the end of the week you’ll have a chance to compete to win $275,000. If your performance isn’t good enough to secure a place in the top 20% of the athletes who cross-train at that venue during that time then we hope you keep improving – there will be plenty more opportunities for that next year. And hey – if nothing else it could lead to an incredibly entertaining weekend? How Do I Register For The 2016 CrossFit Open? Head over here and click on ‘Sign Up Now’ for this year’s regional competition. There are lots of fun prizes for those who do well, including everything from trips around Europe to holidays to Hawaii (!) as well as worldwide recognition as one of best CrossFit competitors across all regions (yes its crazy). Here is a list of other Regional Events: Africa; Asia; Europe & Malta; Pacific/Oceania; Latin America; and USA East Coast. You need to register online before 21:01hrs GMT on 17 October 2015 (23:01hrs CEST) and also select your event below (preferably first thing). If you can’t make it online send us an email with details via contact@tinypulsecoaching.com

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what is a box jump over in crossfit?


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