What Happens When A Crossfit Gym Doesn’T Pay Crossfit Fees?

Well, here’s the situation. A woman goes to get started at this new gym and she says that she wants to pay $200 for her first month. This is perfectly acceptable (and the sign up fee) but then she calls me earlier this week saying that she wants to pay $325 because they don’t accept payment with cash/cards so therefore if I send her a check, it will go through the system, but unfortunately crossfit has never gotten back to them yet about what they classify as “cash.” And so while I’m helping put together the monthly coaches agreement for our next coach in November (which will be returned by December 1st due to us closing shop), we’re really spread thin because we have all these payments coming out of different places around town.

We’re working on getting everything straightened out today. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two and then the money should all get there just fine within 30 days. Long story short: There is a slow process in delivering payroll information from CrossFit during operations and it takes time when you’re trying to close down operations, which means that most people’s checks are going without issue once we pretty much know where they are going to be cashed! Hopefully people who can make deposits soon can do so quickly! Or hopefully people who even thought about doing anything differently… Don’t!!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you join an open box or filling up your friends spot on your team! And it

What Does The Decimal Numbers Mean On Crossfit?

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what happens when a crossfit gym doesn't pay crossfit fees?


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