What Happened To Josh Bridges At The Crossfit Games?

There’s a lot of talk about josh bridges and the amount of weight he can lift, but it seems like there is no one to place the amount of weight that he benched. Bridges benched 225 pounds for 33 reps at the games, which definitely looks beefy and impressive, but didn’t quite look impossible. After closer inspection I realized that josh would need around 500 pounds if we were talking an elite lifter in powerlifting who was deadlifting 500×5 (a standard challenge lift for this year), to make his numbers look more realistic (he did not weigh this much when people weighed him at prime). Here is a comparison: max bench: 350lbs

average top 1% raw bench: 300lbs-325lbs raw benches are typically around 400 lbs too; however you do not perform the same number of reps as with your max one (most pull ups x 2 or better) average top 1% bodybuilders: 275lbs -310ishx2 body builders typically only perform 2 warm up sets so their tend to be under 200 reps per set This shows you what kind of lifts we are talking about here… If Josh tested at 300 in his bodybuilding days and 350 in powerlifting than his max would be over 600lbs its hard to believe there is anyone who could crossfit world champion and overfat man up over 500. It seems extremely unlikely that Josh will ever be able to compete without his extra 10 lbs lying on the scale

How Much Are Subscriptions To Crossfit Gyms??

A few months ago I wrote on this blog that I’d be testing out Crossfit Gyms for my new training program. I’m now about 7 weeks into it, and here are some thoughts…and some advice. The cost of a month-to-month membership at 24 Crossfit gyms throughout the country ranges from $30 to $39 per month. If you live in cities with multiple locations, the number of options will obviously increase. The range is wide enough that individual owners can make their own decision about which gym to go with based on price, location, atmosphere, monthly cost of memberships for parking/unattached workouts (many gyms do offer these), reputation (how often does your gym get hounded by insurers or police or something over accidents?), and whatever else they think might be important. Some people choose what’s nearby because they want to see friends regularly; others won’t go near certain kinds of neighborhoods without illegally parked cars nearby so they don’t feel threatened by gang activity or drugs or whatever motivates them not to join a particular gym. There are even crazy people who only care if there’s internet access so they can check Facebook during their workout! At various times last summer when I was starting up my new training plan after coming off knee surgery followed by hip surgery followed by blah blah blah…I thought about how cool it would be to have one place where all my nutrition info came together (along with strength & conditioning info)


what happened to josh bridges at the crossfit games?


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