What Happend To The Guy Fired From Crossfit?

crossfit is a cult. crossfit will have your employee fired for being a huge douche. no questions asked.

Which shows how the practices of crossfit has been accepted by big business as legitimate and scalable practice model can be started at home with little investment from the owner, but it still takes time to build up a large following…

thats why you see so many of them coming/going/up or down in their numbers…. they don’t know how to scale.. thats why you see so many of them coming/going/up or down in their numbers…. they don’t know how to scale.. Posted by: -Billy- Report Post

Batman Is Just A Man Who Does Crossfit?

For those of you who don’t know what Crossfit is, or the madmen that partake in it, all I can say is this: It’s way too intense, and hurts on a level that will leave your body feeling like it was sliced with a rusty machete. Just look at how Bruce Wayne does these, they are legit hard. These are real workouts people are doing to become this insanely fit human being… If you think Batman’s workout routine isn’t something worth emulation, then I call B.S. on you! But if by some chance you do find yourself wishing to emulate the Dark Knight of Gotham City for his no holds barred fitness regimen then read our Batman exercises below so that not only can you get into shape but be just as evil as the man responsible for saving Gotham from evildoers! Bruce Wayne CrossFit Workout Routine


what happend to the guy fired from crossfit?


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