What Food To Pack For A Crossfit Competition?

I’m not sure that I would personally pack food specifically for a competition. It is easy to think that you need specific food for certain things, but in reality, most of the time people will just do what they are used to eating at home or what they plan on eating before or after the workout. But if you are determined to pack your own foods, here is some suggestions:

Breakfast: Bananas and baby oatmeal.

Lunch: Tortilla chips and guacamole (maybe dip them in some salsa) or turkey wraps with hummus or veggie wrap with avocado slices. Some healthy options include banana bread with peanut butter and jelly, granola bars, trail mix, crackers…etc. These can all be packed up in small containers/bags if needed; make sure to use ziploc bags instead of anything else since it will cut down on the messiness when traveling! Instead of drinking lemonade like I mentioned above maybe try chocolate milk? My husband loves chocolate milk when he works out! 🙂 We also brought our own snacks (like fruit chews made by TJ Islington), but these can always be eaten later by walking back into town where you may find something suitable there along with the other normal pick-up options like Starbucks providing coffee during events like this year’s Tour de France! Dairy free chowders (reduced fat) from a local grocery store did a great job holding me over during

How Can I Watch The Crossfit Regionals Recorded?

Megan Miller, a Crossfit coach and well-known figure in the world of Crossfit, created a searchable database that allows you to research your way around the Crossfit Games site. It’s fantastic for those times you can’t watch WODs as they air, or if you just want to find the date and time your favorite athlete will be competing. In addition, each week after Regionals have been completed, select athletes from each of the top five divisions (Nationals through Open) will receive their official Regionals medal. That means you can pick them up at an online or brick-and-mortar shop like mulesingletonline.com/crossfitvideosale–the company has listed all of them on its site for pre-sale before they’re released publicly.


what food to pack for a crossfit competition?


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