What Does The Decimal Numbers Mean On Crossfit?

the decimal numbers and other less than and greater than signs indicate how many repetitions to perform in a set

Do you just do one exercise for three sets, or do you do them all at the same time?

they are all done as one total set

As if this weren’t enough, he also touted that “crossfit is as close as it gets to marathoning” and said we would never run out of challenges. Aside from the fact that we would probably not be doing any marathon training (very few people can sustain running fast intervals like these), I could see “marathon” written on the chalkboard behind him and not recognize what it actually meant. This might sound strange because my own session was only an hour long; however, I spent most of it trying not to look at his feet flying around above me.

Go ahead and throw your knowledge about crossfit into the ring too, haters! If there’s something wrong with his description of crossfit or ideas that aren’t legitimate (e.g., marathon training!) then let us know so we can go ahead and have a discussion about it here!

When Does Crossfit Open Workouts Have To Be Submitted By?

Each person is allowed a certain amount of time to create a workout. You will have to submit your creation at least 2 days before the event date in order to make it for the weekend. Crossfit Open workouts can also be submitted during the events prior to that date but you must fill out your form within time for The Games themselves. This means that you need to name your competition and start working on it by the end of August 29th, 2017. The time limit is approximately 5 weeks from August 29th, 2017 up until September 21st, 2017 in order so you have plenty of time in order so that there isn’t a rush. Once you’ve submitted your creation, the WOD will begin being scored by someone so there’s no way to take down or edit any data once training starts without going through this process again which could put me behind schedule if I started too early or kept adding work after my submission was accepted into Games week 3/4 then things may just get cut off for me due to Games Week being much shorter than expected when it comes down to time management everything ends up being smooth when done correctly! Always keep an eye on deadlines when scheduling anything if possible and make wise decisions with them!

“Our needs differ by degree, not by kind.”

what does the decimal numbers mean on crossfit?


“I do not mean to imply that we can be compared with the great men of past ages who remained in their native villages, making their voices heard far and wide. My own lot is such as I describe, and much else besides; yet I should regret it very much if I were banished from my native place or lost sight of in foreign lands.” First published in Vol. III No. 3 (March 1875) An extended version was printed in Vol IV No 2 (June 1878) and An abridged version was included in Gleanings: The Miscellaneous Writings and Conversations (editorship by W H Unwin, pages 481–483). The long extract from ‘A True Friend’ is quoted by J M R LeFanu in his introduction to “The Black Monk” (1896), published posthumously under Conan Doyle’s name because he thought it authentic philosophy.