What Does The Crossfit Workout “Grace” Consist Of?

Grace is a workout that focuses on strength. Grace truly encompasses all aspects of CrossFit – balance, mobility, endurance and breath control. Grace was created by Coach Wiles, a physical therapist in order to enhance the performance of his athletic clients…. [Read More]

What is a deadlift? | What exercises do you have to do before deadlifting? | what can I expect from my first ever lift

#1 Most people don’t understand the difference between the Deadlift vs Squat. This confusion usually arises from Squat being our #1 lifts for squatting weights off the ground which doesn’t require as much athleticism as the Deadlift. To explain further: A Deadlift happens when you choose to pick up a barbell off the floor and lift it above your head…… [Read More]

How Often Should You Do Cupping Therapy Crossfit?

“I do CCT every other day and I think this is all you need to really take your recovery to the next level. To me, it’s like a daily vitamin except in liquid form! It’s good for people who want to know if they should use cupping therapy regularly even though they don’t have any injuries or ailments at the moment. I tried all kinds of devices and methods but cupping was by far my favorite method!! ” – Victoria Harker How To Do Cupping Therapy Crossfit Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years and it is thought that this ancient practice originated in China. The purpose of cupping therapy is thought to be therapeutic and assist in reducing pain, inflammation and also helping to cure minor wounds and injury.

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. A body that looks good and performs perfectly should be a given, but why let general health go? By doing your best to balance your weight, cutting back on the alcohol and smoking, you’re giving yourself a much better chance of staying healthy. It should come as no surprise that getting older does not make people healthier. Unfortunately, studies have shown that those who “age” well are probably those who start out healthy in the first place. The number one predictor of whether someone will live a long life has been linked to their behavior as a child. In other words, if you were raised to eat healthy by your parents or grandparents then you’ll have an easier time maintaining that blueprint into adulthood. As an example, one study found that cardiovascular diseases could be cut by 80 percent simply by knowing what makes people unhealthy and avoiding it! However this is just a short term solution because the longer we’re unhealthy the harder it is to reach ideal health naturally so being aware of healthy habits from an early age is key!