What Does It Take To Become A Crossfit Coach??

joana wrote…

Hi all, I have been loving CrossFit for a few months now and have been doing it 3-4x/week. It was a little hard at first because of the high intensity workouts but as you keep going, you just start to get used to it. This is my first time being involved with any kind of “team” sport which has me really nervous but also excited!! I’m interested in becoming a coaching member at our gym, what does it take to become a crossfit coach?? BTW – We are located in east providence RI.

Hello Joana! this is our head coach’s sister!! Hi there, how many people do you have participate? Does your training program involve any specific skills or movements? Thats fine….I definitely encourage seeking out feedback from others who compete and observe their own training…..it will help you figure out if this is something that works for your body!!

What Do Crossfit Box Members Call Each Other?

“Family. We’re all family here. It’s not just a team, it’s an extended family. Everyone is my workout buddy and I try to be their success coach and life coach.” About James: James is a Crossfit instructor in Granite Bay, CA who has been competing in Crossfit for 10 years and teaching Crossfit since 2009 at CrossFit Tremonton in Rocklin, CA (Oliver). He was the 2010 Northeast Regional Men’s Open champion and 250-pound Men’s Divisional Champion in 2007; he is also an Olympic weightlifting athlete who competed with the US National Team (Team Elite) in 2001. He recently took on his wife Sarah as his student when she started attending CFF workouts at 5am with him five months pregnant! They are expecting their first child this August! They love big things -both aspects of Crossfit that they will challenge themselves to conquer with both strength and endurance!

A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

what does it take to become a crossfit coach??


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